Good news for BSNL users!




Good news for BSNL users! There is an attractive offer for all the internet users where there is no necessity to take the separate internet connection for every user. The scheme offers the option to take one connection per user and the other users can use the internet without taking the separate connections. With the vision to provide internet to every citizen of the country, the internet scheme provided by the BSNL will help the users to take the benefit of the internet. It will help in promoting the aspects of Digital India laid down by the Government of India.

The best part of the offer is that the internet user can now connect any other user sitting in any part of the country, thus covering the nation as a whole. Thus, the connectivity across the country will improve tremendously. Now let’s see how the latest plan will work. To activate the plan, the user has to visit BSNL Mobile Safe Care portal and provide the details required by the service provider. The portal will ask you to provide the names and mobile numbers of four mobile users with whom you would like to share your internet connection. By this way, all the five mobile users will be able to enjoy the 3G internet connection and the bill has to be paid by the primary user or the person on whose name there is connection. Moreover, the plan is not an expensive one. With Rs. 100 per month per user, you can enjoy 5 GB plan. Also there is a plan for the users with high internet usage like 20 GB plan for Rs. 50 per month.

In order to provide the connectivity to the entire nation, the plan will be implemented very soon. The plan will be perfect for a family where all the people can enjoy the internet under one scheme only.

11 Bollywood Actresses Who Are Not Actually Indian

Bollywood, a world of dreams and dazzling lights. A dreamy land where in every three hours one can live life to the fullest, from birth to death, from singing to crying, dancing and romancing around the trees, it may sound little crazy but all these not only attracts Indians but also people living outside INDIA.
Bollywood is so popular and loved so much that we have many actresses in our industry who are not from INDIA.
Here is a list of actresses who were actually not born in India

1) Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif was born in London, she made her debut from the movie ‘Boom’.

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7 Beautiful Girls whom dated justin bieber

Whether you love him or hate him, it’s no question that Justin Bieber has been spotted around with some of the prettiest girls a teenage heartthrob sensation can get.

From swanky vacations in the South of France, to yacht parties in Ibiza, Bieber is hardly seen without a beautiful female by his side. His long on-again off-again romance with fellow pop icon Selena Gomez has led Justin to experiment with a wide range of girls ranging from well-known models to other musicians.

With that being said, here is a list of 7 beautiful girls Justin Bieber has dated (with pictures)

Which of the girls can you see Justin with in a long-term relationship?


In late 2010, Justin Bieber began dating his close friend, fellow singer and actress Selena Gomez. The couple’s relationship gave birth to the name known throughout social media “Jelena” which is a combination of “Justin” and “Selena”. The couple called it quits and split in November 2012. However, inside sources say that their love for each other has allowed them to remain close friends as they share many mutual fellow celebrity pals. courtesy –

9 Superstars Of Bollywood Who Are Pretty Weak In English Communication Skills!

  1.  1 Kangana Ranaut – 23 March 1987 (age 29)
    Bhambla, Mandi district,Himachal Pradesh, India


    Kangana is more comfortable with Haryanvi but when it comes to English she avoids camera face off.

    She has established a career inBollywood and is one of the highest-paid actresses in India. Ranaut is particularly known in the media for expressing her honest opinions in public and is frequently credited as one of the most fashionable Indian celebrities. She is the recipient of several awards, including three National Film Awards and Filmfare Awards in four categories.