These 18 hilarious photos will definitely make you feel better on a bad day

These 18 hilarious photos will definitely make you feel better on a bad day

Are you really feeling worse? Then you ought to watch these 18 photos that will definitely bring smile on your face. So, what are you waiting for? Just sit back and enjoy watching what follows:

Have you ever heard an elephant farting?


Well, this man was all set on his journey through the jungles, but suddenly something awful happened. When he was crossing one of the forest paths, he came across a wild elephant on the way and was thus forced to stop his car. After carefully observing the car, the elephant took an awkward position and to the man’s surprise, suddenly farted. Yes, you have read it correctly! Now who can stop laughing in such a situation

10 dangerous roads you would not want to drive one

Road 1 

Passage De Gois, France: the road connects the French Mainland with Normoutier Island at the Atlantic coast of France. It’s a 4.3 kilometre long stretch. When you see the road first time, you may even think that why we have included it in the list of the most dangerous roads.

1) Passage De Gois, France

Though the road is straight; it is very frequently flooded by the tides causing the entire stretch to get submerged under water. The road gets flooded by the water at least twice a day and the many vehicles go along with the water. Also, when the road is not submerged under water, it is usually covered by seaweed making it slippery for a smooth ride.

What Girls’ Hairstyle Says About Them?

Women hairstyles and their personalities 

Short cut hairs or long locks, every girl flaunt a different hairstyle. Sometimes, they go for a trendy look, sometimes sober. Everything depends on their mood. At times when they are stressed, they directly go for a haircut so that they feel different about themselves. Girls like to make a statement by their clothing as well as with their hairstyles. Though it is difficult to understand girls but if you want to try, start with their hairstyles. Let’s see how different hair styles give us a clue about a girl’s personality.



Pixie Cut: a girl who wears her hair short, is not to one to mess with. With pixie cut, she does not want to spend time in managing her hairs. A pixie cut girl is full of confidence and self reliant. By flaunting a pixie cut, you would be able to reflect your tough personality. But it is not easy for everyone to flaunt a pixie cut. Many celebrities, over a period of time have flaunted a pixie cut and it is one that is always in style. If you would like to flaunt a pixie cut, be prepared to get some shocked looks from the people who are in the habit of seeing you in long locks. Pixie cut is best when it comes to short haircuts for women.

30 Photos That Tell You Why Men Live Shorter Lives Than Women

Reason why Men have shorter lives than Women
It is a widely known fact that the live span of men is shorter as compared to that of the women. Though there are medical reasons associated with the fact but apart from those medical reasons, there are ample of other situations that make the life of men shorter as compared to that of women. Let’s have a look at those reasons:

Number 1

What would you do if you are surrounded by the crocodiles? The first thought that will come to your mind is to RUN! For the sake of your life. But here you can see the daring of the man who is trying to hit a crocodile with a stick ignoring the fact that he is surrounded by crocodiles from all sides.