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For John Abraham, Machoism is all about how one can exercise control, stay sophisticated and refined!
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An all new FZ25 has been developed with a newly designed air-cooled, 249 cc, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve, single-cylinder, high-torque fuel-injected engine on a lightweight frame (148 Kgs) enabling the joy of control as the rider intends. These features establish the FZ25 as a “Powerful, mid-class, street fighter” for the Next FZ World.

The design emphasizes both the senses of mass forward layout and downforce, evoking the powerful muscles of an athlete. This newly launched street model delivers riding enjoyment as well as excellent fuel efficiency and environmental performance.

The new 249 cc single-cylinder engine is proven on sport bikes for the Japanese market, the model’s engine has been fine-tuned and optimized for the Indian traffic environment, primarily in the intake/exhaust systems and the ignition system. Building on the reputation, the new model has been developed with Yamaha’s New Generation Engine Development Ideal – ‘Blue Core’ featuring overall improved performance including fuel efficiency, acceleration and environmental friendliness. The model is compliant to BS IV emission standards.

Nine Pakistani Actors who worked In Bollywood

Art or creativity is never measured by any specific bar of nationality or color. Here are the nine actors whom we have seen performing in Hindi feature films

Fawad Khan: This is the Khan who has been creating the entire buzz right from the time he entered the television screens as the hauntingly charming Zaroon of Zindagi Gulzar Hai fame. Though the actor has had a great stint with his home ground projects he has even made a pretty mind-blowing entry in Bollywood with Khoobsurat, starring alongside Sonam Kapoor followed by Kapoor and Sons and now recently the to be released Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. We really want to see the actor more portraying different roles in the upcoming projects.


These are the 30 famous logos, then and now. Let’s see whether you can recognize them or not!

These are the 30 famous logos, then and now. Let’s see whether you can recognize them or not!

Logo is a very important part of every company. It helps people to recognize a company. It’s a kind of symbol that helps in the promotion of the company. It is the symbol that attracts every customer.

If you notice the fashion trends of day to day life, then you will know that they change with time. Just like that the logos of company go through certain makeovers at time. Here we will see 30 such logos that have changed a lot with time.

  1. Is that the Lays logo?

These are the two logos of Lays potato chips. You can notice how the graphics has changed from the past one. There’s no doubt that the present one looks much better than the older one. The old one came into existence in 1965 and the present one got evolved in 2007.

Is that the Lays logo

30 logics of women that are too funny and are unexplainable!


30 logics of women that are too funny and are unexplainable!

Men get confused by the thought processes of women, which is quite natural. They wonder why women do things that they does. It perplexes them, but there is no genuine answer to it. Well, we can be mystifying but that is done to keep your brain in place!

Here follows some of the funniest things that women do and perplexes everyone around her. Let’s have a look:

  1. Yes, we can imagine better than you! – logic of womenYes, we can imagine better than you! - logic of women

Women love to maintain a class. So, if you ask a woman, whether she watches porn or not, the answer will be always no. But you will definitely see her reading book on sexuality. After all she can imagine it better than you!

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