WOW Places to Visit in Lifetime


In a life full of worries and anxieties, deadlines and depression, there is always a need of some sort of respite that will help the humans to rejuvenate so that they can get back to normal life with new energy and vigor.

Travelling is one form of reviving self that indeed comes with lots of adventure and pleasurable experiences so that one can have a thrilling encounter with life, unlike the regular routine. Holidays ought to be utilized to the maximum possible extent for traveling and here are a few places that must be visited once in a lifetime to make the most of the traveling:


These 20 people built their own DIY pool… These are sure to surprise you!


These 20 people built their own DIY pool… These are sure to surprise you!

Summer is the best time to get yourself out of your home and get a sun bath and tanned. And what about a cool bath in a pool? Bathing in the pool in such a sunny weather will be an excellent idea.

But not everyone can have their own pool. For such a case here are some DIY pools made by people to enjoy this summer season!

  1. A hay pool for you

Have you ever wondered about making your own pool and that too with hay? Isn’t that sounds surprising? Yes, this pool in the picture has been made with hay. The base has been prepared with hay stacks and a plastic cover has been put over it to hold the water. That’s an excellent idea indeed!

A hay pool for you

25 signs that Prove The Effects of Global Warming!

25 signs that Prove The Effects of Global Warming!
Summer can be really hot causing amazing and alarming things to happen at home and on the road. The way people beat the sweltering heat can also be really innovative! Check out what heat can do to you!

Deer beneath the trampoline
Free animals of the forest also need civilized help sometimes, like this animal resting under the trampoline. The poor deer is really feeling the heat and has been brave enough to approach this weird looking tree. Necessities make even the animals brave at heart and approach the human habitations.  

Deer beneath the trampoline

29 pictures went viral for hilarious reasons!

These are the worst 29 pictures that went viral for some hilarious reasons!
Embarrassing situation arises in our life even if we are conscious enough in are day to day life. Such embarrassing situations are part and parcel of our life and we can’t avoid it.
Here are such pictures of some embarrassing situations that have gone viral for some awkwardly hilarious reasons. I am sure you can’t stop gazing and laughing when you look at them.

  1. Rain that you didn’t actually want!
    Just imagine it’s the end of spring and you are out there on a beach. You are having a good time lying in the breezy sand beach. And suddenly this kind of an incident happens to you. A sudden splash of rain which isn’t!

Rain that you didn t actually want