Here are a few awkward airport security check moments!

Here are a few awkward airport security check moments!

Whoever needs to fly due to work or other stuff has to go through thorough checking before they take their flight. Day by day the security system has become stronger and strict. Sometimes the strict measures taken by these agents of security are not only strict but also becomes embarrassing to people.

Here are some of those embarrassing moments faced by people while security agents check them before boarding their flights.

  1. What type of a checking is this!

This picture seems to be one of the worst embarrassing situations faced by any girl while she gets checked by the security agents. Her face and her expression say it all. And the guy who is checking her seems to be the one with the worst manners and the least common sense!

Airport Security Check Pictures

Some photographs of people that show how much they lost their excess weight!

People generally tend to decide upon the weight they want to lose in numbers, which is not at all correct. You need to motivate yourself to lose only the excess weight that you have put on and love the body that you have.

Here are some before and after pictures of people who followed healthy diet and exercised in proper manner to lose weight. They are good examples to people who want to decrease their weight.

  1. Christine Carter of Dallas

Christine carter who is a resident of Dallas in TX has been successful in losing 150 pounds of weight within 16 months. You can see in the first picture the weight she had put on earlier and the after photographs shows the slim and trim Christine, after in August 2014 she went on for a gastric sleeve surgery. That was the first time she lost a weight of 50 pounds. She has trained herself with the help of a trainer from Hero Training Center. She had a heavy workout every day and thus she has lost another 80 pounds of her weight. She thought it would be good to go for a tummy tuck and breast implant. This made her lose another 20 pounds of her weight. She has inspired a lot of people and is still doing that to inspire people who are eager to lose weight. She posts are pictures through the various social media sites.


Amazing pictures of Muscular Barbie

It sounds a bit strange but these 8 photos will definitely make you believe that one’s face often deceive i.e you cannot really make out how the actual person looks like if you don’t meet him/her.

  1. She says don’t go by my face, check my physique as well – Women with Muscular Body

While browsing online, suddenly if you see this face you will definitely be tempted to look more for her. But once you meet her or try to know about her you will actually think twice, whether to see her more. This girl actually flaunts her body because her doll like face does not co-relates to her biceps and triceps. Yes you heard it right, she has a pretty face just like a Barbie doll but her body corresponds to some grade one wrestler.

She says don’t go by my face, check my physique as well – Women with Muscular Body

12 Personal Items that we should stop sharing Right Now

We believe in sharing and thus helping the people in their time of need. We share everything, from food to clothes, cosmetics to sometimes even medicines. It is just like that we can not refuse if anyone has asked us for help in terms of materialistic sharing. We think sharing is good but sometimes the harm caused by sharing the personal items overcomes the good done with the sharing. Sharing of personal items like lipsticks, soap bars etc can be hazardous to health, for both the people. Let’s see which items we should avoid for sharing:

Bar Soap: Soaps are the most common things that are exchanged by the people. When it comes to liquid soap, you can easily share it but when it comes to bar soaps, sharing can lead to infections. This is because the soaps bar come in contact with the body and sometimes with the intimate parts also, thus increasing the chances of infection.


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