Best free Technology software downloads

While we are using our laptop, we make several wishes that it could work more efficiently for us, save more power and many other things. Little do we know that we have all the help available for free so as make our laptop more efficient? Problems like bookmarking, low battery life and the security. Also, there are several measures that we need to take while connecting to hotspots, securing the data while being online and many more. So, we are listing the free of cost downloadable soft ware’s that will cater to all your needs like connectivity, security, battery, USB issues, productivity etc. with the help of these software you will find it easy to complete your task.

  1. Desktop Messenger

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While you are working in an office as a team, you have to correspond with colleagues very often. It becomes quite troublesome to send a mail after every few minutes to your teammates. It is equally irritating to open a mailbox for every small talk. So, to make your life easier, there are plenty of desktop messaging apps available that allow you to chit chat with your group easily. MatterMost and Fleep are quite good options when you are looking for messaging apps. Also, their free version is available for download. These apps help you to connect with your team in the real time and have group discussion while you are sitting at your desk only. Also, they have made group chatting with friends much easier and fun. Apart from MatterMost and Fleep, there are numerous such apps available on the internet. However, before downloading you must check it features and whether their full version available for free or not.

The 10 Most Expensive Cars of the World

Cars are not just the mode of transportation for some people, for those cars are much more than that. For the ultra rich people, the swagger and flamboyance of these cars supersedes the practicality and the efficiency. Let us look at the top ten mind boggling car machines. In the following list we are excluding the classic old cars which are sold at auction.

  1. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

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Koenigsegg tops the list as the most expensive car legally available on the street. It is the most expensive car manufactured in the recent times. Let us check out why there is so much exaggeration about this car. With a price of $4.8 million, you must be wondering whether the car is made of diamonds or what but guess, the car does have a diamond coating. Koenigsegg, the Swedish car maker has specially developed a new exterior finish Koenigsegg Proprietary Diamond Weave. This exterior finish has carbon fibers coated with diamond dust-impregnated resin. So, you can imagine the cost of the touch up paint. Beneath this paint is a 4.8 liter, dual supercharged V8 which has a total output of 1004 horsepower. The 797 pound feet torque means, the machine will have no problem in overtaking the semis while running on the highway. The company has made only 3 models of the car till date.

Top 10 richest traders of the world

Trading is an interesting job. On one hand trading can help you rake in heaps of money and on the other hand it can be a total disaster for you as you can lose every single penny that you have invested. It all depends on how, when, where you have invested your money. Let us see the top 10 richest traders in the world who have earned a fortune by trading.

1)Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen tops the list of the richest traders in the world. He holds the position of Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chairman of Point72 Asset Management. The estimated net worth of Steve Cohen amounts to $13 billion and he is ranked at 72 among the richest people in the world. He is considered as the most successful hedge fund managers in the world. He is also the founder of S.A.C. Capital Advisors but has to shut it down when it was found guilty of insider trading charges. In November 2013, S.A.C. Capital Advisors was found guilty for insider trading and Steve Cohen had to pay fine of $1.8 billion. The company was barred from managing the money from the investors outside the company. Steve Cohen is a prominent art collector as well as a philanthropist. He comes under the top 10 list of the biggest spending art collectors in world.