Some photographs of people that show how much they lost their excess weight!

  1. Michelle Elizabeth

*The before and after pictures of Michelle clearly tells you that you can even lose the excess weight if you want. She had lost 166 lbs of weight in the 2.5 years. She used to love food and eat generously in the past and had the habit of smoking. She gave a miss to these habits and here you see her transformation.She lost quite a good amount of weight. She maintained her diet and exercise regularly since then and here is the happy and shy bride standing infront of you. The picture in which she is in a purple dress is on her brother’s wedding while the other one is of her own wedding.  She says that she has been used by people in her past but now her husband, the love of her life, has showed her the right path. She is really very happy to tell us that Sean has remained throughout the thick and thins of her life. He gave her the mental support when she was in the worse days of her life.


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